17 Metal Puzzles

Centauri Games is back with 17 more fiendish, challenging and super fun puzzles for you to solve! This 17 Metal Puzzles pack is the perfect gift idea for you or anyone ages 8 and up, who loves to solve puzzles and thinks of themselves as a bit of a puzzle master. Each puzzle offers you a different kind of challenge. So just when you think you have all of the answers to what these puzzles want, they change the questions!

The 17 metal puzzles that make up this set all have the same goal. You need to take them apart and then put them back together. It is the kind of thing that sounds so very easy, but requires some serious mental effort to actually do. It is a great deal of fun and when you do have your “ah-ha!” moment and make it work, you will feel like the smartest person in the universe!

Any puzzle fan who loves to really test their puzzle-solving skills is going to have a truly amazing time with this fantastic set of 17 metal puzzles!

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