6 Cast Puzzles

Put your puzzle-solving skills to the test with this ultimate 6 Cast Puzzles set from Centauri Games!

This is great for puzzle solving masters ages 8 all the way to 88! If you enjoy puzzles that are really going to test you, this is the ultimate set of puzzles for you.

Each of these puzzles when you first look at it will make you wonder just how on Earth does it work??? Taking the puzzle apart and then managing to get it back together is what this puzzle set is all about.

As there are 6 fun puzzles in this set, you have a nice varied challenge of puzzles to test yourself with. Each of the puzzles has its own difficulty rating with two of them being rated as easy, two rated as challenging and then two rated as hard!

Do you have what it takes to work your way up to the hard puzzles and prove yourself to be the ultimate puzzle master? Well finding that out is what this set is all about!

These mind bending and fun puzzles are awesome fun for those who really like to test their smarts and have fun in the process!

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