6 Puzzle Set

This awesome set of 6 tricky, mind bending and fun puzzles is here to test puzzle fans ages 8 and up!

Centauri Games have put together 6 puzzles that are really going to make you think. Each puzzle has two tricky parts to it, you need to take it apart and then put back together.

Sure, it sounds easy, but these are brain teasers that are really going to put your puzzle-solving skills to the ultimate test.

The 6 different puzzles in this set each have something that makes them special. From twisting metal parts to figuring out what piece of wood goes where; each puzzle offers its own challenge. Speaking of challenge, the puzzles in this set range from one star which is easy all the way up to five stars which is the expert level of difficulty!

People who love puzzles are really going to have a great time with this fun, affordable and tricky puzzle set!

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