6 Wire Puzzles

If you love puzzles then you will love this 6 Wire Puzzles set from Centauri Games.

This fantastic set is aimed at puzzle-solving masters who are ages 8 and up and each of the 6 puzzles is really going to test your brainpower and puzzle-solving skills in fun, tricky and different ways!

This set features mind bending metal puzzles, wires that seem to never end and much more. These are puzzles that are fun but they are also going to really make you think as you take each one apart and then manage to put it together.

The 6 six different puzzles have their own difficulty levels. It starts out with the one start puzzle which is rated as easy and ideal for starting off. However, the puzzles go all the way up to six stars which are rated as expert!

These are fun. challenging and something you will enjoy doing and also watching others try to figure out. This truly is a great set of puzzles.

Anyone who enjoys puzzles of thinks of themselves as a puzzle-solving master is going to really enjoy themselves with this great set of wire puzzles.

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