Construct IT Stocked Floor Display (50 Kits)

Construct It is the ultimate creative set for those who have a more practical and mechanical kind of mind. It is heavily influenced by STEM learning and is every bit as fun as it is educational. No other construction set on the market does what Construct It does and kids will have a huge smile on their faces the whole time they are putting this together.

These sets are designed with making someone think about what they are doing and it is great for a child who is more inquisitive and wants to know how the world around them works. To put the set together they get to use the awesome and real tools that are provided! \n \nKids will love creating and then playing with these kits but that is only part of the fun. They can use all of the included pieces to come up with their own designs and creations which is a great way for them to really use their imagination. It is easy to see why Construct-It is the best construction-based toy around.

Strong Floor Display Stand + 50 Kits

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