Constructables Starter Case

The Miniature Constructables DIY Starter Pack is the perfect way to introduce a child to the fun and collectible world of the Miniature Constructables line from Construct It!

This set comes with all they need to start their collection. It comes in a very cool collectors’ case and inside this case are three mystery Miniature Constructables sets! There are 12 sets in the collection in total and these three will be a great way for them to start their collection. From a car to a forklift to a truck, the vehicles in this collection are a lot of fun! As well as the three vehicles also included in this set is a fantastic mini tool kit. You see just like the full-size Construct It line, Miniature Constructables are made with real metal pieces that children have to screw and attach together. Each one of the three kits has its own easy-to-follow instructions.

Clearly, the Miniature Constructables DIY Starter Pack is a great deal of fun. However, there is also a lot of educational value in this set too. The entire Construct It line is themed around the principles of STEM learning. This ensures that children are learning new skills as they play. This set is also a great way to encourage creative children as they can use all of the pieces from the three different sets to come up with their own fun creations.

Key Features:

  • This set contains three different Miniature Constructables sets
  • STEM learning is what this series is all about
  • Children will be learning the basics of engineering thanks to this set
  • It comes with a cool case that can be used to keep their collection nice and safe
  • The perfect way to introduce a child to the world of Miniature Constructables
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