Coral Reef Save the Planet 1000 Piece puzzle

Puzzle Box makes some of the most amazing jigsaw puzzles around and this Coral Reef jigsaw puzzle comes in at 1000 pieces so it is a fantastic challenge even for a skilled puzzle enthusiast.

This puzzle is part of a special Save the Planet series where Puzzle Box is looking at some of the most amazing things on this planet of ours. This one is all about the gorgeous Coral Reef. The contrast of colours is truly eye-catching and while this is gorgeous to look at, those many different colours will give you a solid challenge. This puzzle is ideal for those that like a puzzle to last a while. The fact that this series is aimed to help people think more about the planet and what they can do in order to protect and save it is really cool.

Puzzle Box makes amazing jigsaw puzzles. As this is a series that is all about some of the most amazing locations in the world, they have made sure that each puzzle piece pops thanks to the high-quality printing that they have used. Also, the carding is nice and thick so this puzzle is one that can be used for many years. Although, as this is so bright, colourful, and awesome, many people may want to make this and then frame it so they can admire it for years to come.

Key Features:

  • This puzzle really does capture your attention
  • At 1000 pieces, this is going to be one very challenging puzzle
  • The save the planet theme they have is awesome
  • The printing is nice and bright
  • They use thick carding
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