DNA Extraction Kit

The DNA Extraction Kit from Science Lab is one of the most fun and awesome science kits ever created. With this set, junior scientists can learn all about the wonders of DNA and have a better understanding of the world around them.

Every living thing on the planet has DNA! With this set, children can learn all about DNA and what really makes this awesome is that they make it fun. They are able to conduct several experiments that will let them extract DNA from fruit. Here they can get a better understanding of what DNA is. This set will make them feel like a real scientist as they take part in many different fun and interesting experiments. Each experiment is broken down into easy to understand parts so children can learn as they go. \nAny piece of fruit that you have in your kitchen can be used with the Smart Lab: DNA Extraction Kit. Included in the box is a full science kit! There is test tubes, safety goggle, vials, a funnel, a magnifying glass, and more. It comes with all they need to unlock the secrets of life! Like all other sets from Smart Lab, this is all about learning through having fun.

Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Key Features:


  • STEM learning makes learning about DNA fun, interesting and easy
  • Comes with many different pieces of scientific equipment
  • Children will be encouraged to think about the world around them
  • Great way to help encourage an interest in science
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