Glow Rock Art

The Craft for Kids Create Your Own Glow Rock Art set is the ultimate arts and crafts set for children who are a little “out of this world”! With super-bright glowing paint, children can come up with all kinds of amazing rock art.

One of the main reasons that these sets are so popular is because there is no need to buy anything else. Everything that is needed comes inside the box so there is no running to the store or franticly looking in your cupboard for anything else. The Craft for Kids Create Your Own Glow Rock Art set comes with a paintbrush, several polished rocks, and a set of awesome glow in the dark paint! Any child that enjoys making things, painting, or who just has a real creative spark inside them is going to get a great deal out of this set.

With the Craft for Kids Create Your Own Glow Rock Art set, children, can have a really cool rock collection for their own room. Perhaps they might even give one to a special friend or a family member. Best of all, they can get in on the craze of making rock art and then displaying it around the neighborhood for others to enjoy!

Suitable for ages 7 and up.

Key Features:

  • Everything needed is in the box
  • Comes with high-quality and smooth polished rocks
  • The paint glows and looks very bright
  • The perfect set for a child who loves to paint
  • They can keep their favorite ones forever!
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