Police Car

The Construct It range is a great way for a child to learn about engineering and mechanics in a fun way and have something cool to play with at the end of it all. This Construct It Police Car is going to make sure the rest of their toys are upholding the law.

Construct It are all about children learning through having fun. Their sets are made with metal plates and children get to use real tools to build them. Each set comes with real tools and a set of instructions that make sure children can understand what each step of the process is. Kids will be picking up engineering as they go and they will get a real confidence boost as they make this. This Police Car is a really cool set and it is one that is very popular in the Construct It line.

This is one of the smaller sets in the line so it would be perfect for a child’s first Construct It set or even as a little extra if they already have a collection. It is made up of 143 pieces so it offers a fun, but also straightforward kind of challenge to build. If you know a child that likes building things then they are going to have a great time putting the Construct It Police Car together.

Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Key Features:

  • One of the more affordable sets in the Construct It line
  • A great first entry to the series
  • This set comes with real tools inside the box
  • Construct It sets are all about STEM learning
  • This is one cool-looking police car!
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