Tow Truck

When the other vehicles break down, call into action the Construct-It! Tow Truck! For children that have a real creative spark in them, Construct It is perfect. These sets are a great way for a child not just to have a fun time building something. These sets are also infused with S.T.E.M learning. Children will be learning about engineering, mechanics, and getting a better understanding of the way things are built. The neat thing is that children pick up these skills when building a Construct It set as they do not realize they are learning as they are playing!

What makes these Construct It sets so cool is the fact that they are made with real metal pieces. Real metal pieces that are put together with real metal screws which are done so by real tools! Children will feel like real engineers as they put in place each piece. Thanks to the simple instructions, each step is easy to understand so there is no frustration here.

The Construct-It! Tow Truck contains 127 pieces so this makes it ideal as a first set or as an addition to an already growing collection. Once built, children can then use their newly learned skills and imagination to make their own wonderful creations.

Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Key Features:

  • Build a fun and cool tow truck from scratch
  • Comes with real tools
  • Made with actual metal pieces
  • A great way for a child to learn while having fun
  • S.T.E.M learning!
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