Neon Rock Art

Is there anything cooler than neon paint? Well with this groovy and fun Craft for Kids Create Your Own Neon Rock Art set. Children can make all kinds of funky and psychedelic-looking pieces of rock art. Children who love arts and crafts are going to have lots of fun with this!

Everything that is needed is included right in the box. The set comes with several polished rocks that are primed and ready for your child’s creative talents to bring them to life. Painting rocks is all the craze these days and with the rocks, paintbrushes, and best of all the neon paint. These rocks are going to pop and stand out from the crowd. Children can really embrace their creative side with this set. They can proudly put these in their room, give them to their friends or family members or even leave them around the neighborhood for others to find!

The Craft for Kids Create Your Own Neon Rock Art set is the perfect gift for a child who has that creative spark. This is a wonderful way for you to help them showcase their talents and really develop a love for arts and crafts.

Suitable for ages 7 and up.

Key Features:

  • Nothing else is required apart from what is in the box
  • A very affordable arts and crafts set
  • The neon paint is fun and looks really cool
  • A fantastic way to help a creative child develop their talents
  • Painting rocks is something all kids love to do
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