Thailand Elephant Save The Planet 1000 Pce Puzzle

Here we have another awesome puzzle from the puzzle masters at Puzzle Box. This is part of their epic save the planet series. With this, you get to test your puzzle-solving skills as well as think a little bit more about this incredible planet of ours.

What makes this Save the Planet Series so great is the way that each puzzle is based on something that makes our planet incredible. In the case of this puzzle, it is about Elephants from Thailand. These amazing creatures are just awe-inspiring and this puzzle will challenge you by bringing them to life in 1000 pieces! This is going to be a fun challenge and each piece will bring you closer to making this amazing-looking elephant. It is no just the elephants, but the backdrop too that makes this an amazing puzzle.

While the theme behind the puzzle is great, this Thailand Elephant puzzle is made with the same Puzzle Box care and expertise that all of their other puzzles are. Each of the 1000 pieces are made with carding that is thick so they will not bend easily. This means you can make the puzzle, box it up and then make it again later. Also, a huge part of the reason why a Puzzle Box puzzle pops is that they use the finest printing techniques that ensure each piece is bright and eye-catching.

Key Features:

  • Elephants are awesome
  • The Save the Planet series is great
  • The 1000 pieces are all made to a very high standard
  • This is the kind of puzzle that would look great in a frame
  • It is challenging, but also relaxing
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